Neither Paris nor London.. It has been declared the most attractive city for foreigners

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لا باريس ولا لندن .. لقد تم الإعلان عن المدينة الأكثر جاذبية للأجانب

Niveta has compiled cities that are distinguished by their investment attractiveness

In the national and international arena. Among the major cities of Europe, Istanbul was the most attractive city

Which continues to attract investors.

According to research conducted by Nevita, It is a foreign company that sells real estate, Istanbul stands out as the most attractive city among major cities in Europe in terms of average residential price per square meter. According to the research, Istanbul is still Which has been one of the most preferred cities for foreigners in purchasing housing in recent years, It attracts investors due to the fact that the required value has not yet been reached.

Half of the homes sold to foreigners in Türkiye in general were made in Istanbul, 20 thousand 857 foreigners in 2019, Despite the outbreak of the January-November period last year, It also received 16,867 housing units.

Istanbul is distinguished by its national and international investment attractiveness, It is rapidly advancing among global cities in housing sales to foreigners. In this progress, It is important that the city has not yet reached the desired value compared to European capitals.

The average price per square meter in house sales in Istanbul was measured at 462 euros.

This number is 11,613 in Paris, 10,797 in London, 8,442 in Munich, 3,346 in Madrid, 3,346 in Lisbon, 3,346 in Austria, while it rises to 5,992 euros.

It is noteworthy that prices in these cities are very high compared to the country average. While average prices per square meter in Paris are 4.3 times higher than in general France, This figure is 3.3 times that of the United Kingdom in London, And 3 times from Germany in Munich, and 3.7 times that of Austria in Innsbruck, Lisbon. It is 1.9 times Portugal, 1.8 times Italy in Bolzano, 1.6 times Spain in Madrid. The average prices per square meter in Istanbul are, Türkiye more than 1.5 times overall.

Photo in Istanbul Silivri

“Türkiye was desired by European countries in this process.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors Faruk Akbal Nevit said, In a statement to an AA reporter, Which continued its strong performance in housing sales to foreigners in Türkiye, The success that European countries aspire to in this period.

Despite the difficult circumstances caused by the outbreak of the disease, The Turkish real estate sector was able to maintain its sales figures last year, expressing Akbal, “But he pointed to declines of up to 30 percent in sales to foreigners in the European market. The main factor is the confidence of foreigners in Turkey and Istanbul comes forward.” He said.

Pointing out that housing prices in cities around the world are directly related

With the interest of investors, Akbal continued his words as follows:


“According to the data we obtained from statistical institutions in relevant countries, Prices per square meter for housing in European capitals such as Paris, London and Munich can reach 3-4 times the average prices in the countries where they are located. For example , While the average price in France is 2 thousand and 685 euros, The numbers rise to 11,600 euros in the capital, Paris. We are witnessing a similar situation in London and Munich. According to research, this rate is 3.3 times in London and 3 times in Munich.”

Akbal, According to the Indexa survey, the average price per square meter is measured at 462 euros in Istanbul, He said this figure corresponds to 1.5 times the Turkish average.

“Investors who are oriented to Istanbul and have a high potential to offer a premium”

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